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Shillingstone has 46 rights of way within it’s parish boundaries comprising of both footpaths and bridleways. The North Dorset Trailway connects Shillingstone to Fiddleford and Sturminster Newton in the north. The Wessex Ridgeway connects with the Trailway  at the southern end of the village. The Trailway then continues south to Gains Cross.

The Wessex Ridgeway is a long-distance bridleway, approximately 75 miles in length. The Dorset section stretches from Ashmore in the north, to Lyme Regis in the south. The network of footpaths at the southern end of the parish, that connect to Hambledon Hill and Shillingstone Forest, are a direct link to the North Dorset AONB area.

Shillingstone has a Round-Village-Trail comprising of  two routes, red and blue. These are well documented in a leaflet that is available from the village stores and local tourist information centre's. A book featuring 9 circular walks from Shillingstone, is also available from the same outlets.

Details of both The North Dorset Trailway and The Wessex Ridgeway, can be obtained by following the corresponding links at the top left of this page. Also on following the links on that website.

The map page on the above link carries three maps. Map one covers the village area, map 2 covers the complete parish and map 3 covers neighboring parishes and surrounding area.

Shillingstone lies on the northern boundary of the Dorset AONB. Many of the parishes’ network of footpaths and bridleways will give panoramic views of rolling chalk downs, a historic landscape rich in hillforts like Hambledon and Hod Hill, and the tranquility of the River Stour meandering through the Blackmore Vale. The Stour Valley Way can also be accessed from the North Dorset Trailway.

The R.O.W. List page is a definitive statement listing all the footpaths and bridleways in the parish, giving their map references.

For Further Information contact:
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More pictures of Shillingstone and Dorset on

The North Dorset Trailway,
The confluence of the Red and longer Blue routes of the Round-Village Trails
The junction of the North Dorset Trailway and The Wessex Ridgeway