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Shillingstone has 46 public footpaths within its parish boundaries. A booklet details nine circular walks for the village ranging from 2 to 5 miles long. These walks explore the parish and the neighbouring area including Okeford and Hambledon hills, Hammoon and other nearby villages.

Thanks to funding from North Dorset District Council,Dorset County Council and The Countryside Agency the booklet is free and is available from the Post Office and from the Londis shop in the village.

Volunteers needed!

We very lucky to have Graham Rains as our Footpath Liaison Officer. His (honorary) title is something of a misnomer because, as well as liaising with outside parties about our footpaths, he does a great deal of work himself in keeping them open and usable. If anyone can spare the time to help him, either on a regular or occasional basis, Graham will be delighted to hear from him or her. Phone him on 860216.

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